Get It On review

Hookup potential: 3/5 Features: 3/5 Design: 5/5 Content: 5/5

  • Sharp, modern design.
  • Excellent matching, search, filtering, messaging, video, and communication tools; no obtrusive advertising.
  • Database isn’t heavily populated yet, so membership participation in some areas is at a low level.
  • Doesn’t have as much functionality as some competing sites, but does what it does brilliantly well.

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Value: 4/5 Design: 2/5 Quality: 4/5

  • Good selection and quantity of performers with new people available every time you log in
  • The site’s color scheme (VERY RED INDEED) is hard on the eyes.
  • The payment system can be somewhat deceptive

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Hookup potential: 3/5 Features: 3/5 Design: 4/5 Content: 3/5

  • Brilliant search capabilities with filters for various profile attributes such as age, interests, photos, etc.
  • Great messaging package including email, webcam to webcam chat and IM.
  • You get to see live webcam feeds from five random site members on your home page.
  • Some members are definitely prostitutes; need to be careful about contacting people.

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