My Appeal For Safe Sex

Hi, I’m Barbie!

In many respects, I’m a typical Midwest (I’d prefer not to say exactly which city) stay-at-home soccer mom. I’m a petite and perky blonde, and although I detest the term, I have heard the acronym MILF thrown in my direction on several instances. Quite a few of my friends have commented how much I remind them of the woman in the above video, so I attached it to give you some point of reference. I will not be posting pictures of myself on this blog, nor on the other blog ( my husband and I are taking over.

Although we are a typical couple in many respects, our newfound hobby/side business differentiates us from the vast majority of our neighbors. Tom and I have an open relationship and have been members of a local swingers club for almost 4 years. The couple who ran this club recently moved — and we decided to take it over. Hence, we must be very discrete about any personal details posted on our blogs. We initially decided against blogging about sex and our personal exploits, but we changed our minds when a close friend convinced us that our “heartland” sex-positive message might help put a dent in the often repressive Puritanical facets of American society. Whereas will chronicle our exploits now managing “the club”, this safersex blog is a more serious endeavor seeking to educate and convey the importance of keeping sex safe.

As illustrated in the above amusing video, safe sex doesn’t equate to boring sex. Condom use can be creatively incorporated into your foreplay, and in today’s world there is really no excuse for those with multiple partners not to use a condom. We have also adopted a motto of “tested and clean” within our club, and I can’t stress enough the importance of regular testing for those in the scene — as well as all everyone else who is sexually active. will endeavor to provide information and advice in support of hot, but safe, sexual practices. Speaking of which, Tom is now beckoning me away from my laptop — don’t worry, we’ll be safe, I promise!



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Research Finds Sex Toys Improve Sexual Function in Both Women and Men

Sex toys are no longer a rare occurrence and, as such, should no longer be regarded as a taboo subject, one that needs be kept under the proverbial wraps. If anecdotal evidence alone will not do much to convince you, then perhaps a recent, nationwide study will. According to Prevalence and Characteristics of Vibrator Use by Women in the United States: Results from a Nationally Representative Study, 52.5 per cent of all American women have used a vibrator for self-pleasuring purposes at least once in their lives. The study was published in 2009, in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine. The same study goes on to confirm a widely-held belief in the scientific research community, namely that the use of sex toys for masturbation will increase a woman’s odds of going to her OBGyn for a routine examination, or even self-examining – which is far better than disregarding reproductive health altogether. As expected, women who use vibrators have a better grasp of their own arousal levels, are informed on issues of libido and lubrication, and know enough about orgasms and pain during sexual intercourse to make sure their sexual lives are satisfactory.

More importantly, perhaps, women who use vibrators to pleasure themselves also report an overall improvement of their sexual function. And they are not alone in this. A similar study, undertaken by the same team of researchers, and published in the same 2009 issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, states that a surprising 44.8 per cent of all men polled also own a vibrating sex toy. Usage and ownership in men is also associated with more regular testicular examination, as well as to positive responses with respect to sexual functions.

According to a recent poll ran by popular lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan, as cited by online sex toy store BabeLand, most women (i.e., 40 per cent) are only satisfied with their current sex life and feel there is definitely some room for improvement. Discussion in the comments section of the blog post seem to confirm the belief advocated by sex researcher Kristen Mark on her blog – online sex toy stores can often play a major part in educating women and men on sexuality, sexual hygiene and prevention topics, while also providing tips and tricks for improvement, and generally creating the feeling of community and non-judgmental conversation.

In espousing the view that sex toys stand to greatly improve the quality of one’s sex life, Mark quotes a survey with more than 3,000 respondents, which revealed that sex toys are often incorporated into sexual acts with a partner. That is, contrary to the popular belief, which says that such items are solely relegated to those who like to masturbate a bit too much… The study says 62.2 per cent of men and 60.1 per cent of women use toys when having sex with a partner: 40.5 per cent of men use it during the course of the sexual experience (either foreplay or the sexual act itself), and 40.9 per cent of women do the same thing. Bottom line (no pun intended) – the time has come to loosen up, get a little less prudish and start enjoying one’s body to the fullest. And that’s what the experts are saying, too!