The Importance Of HIV AIDS Testing

Hi everyone, I’d like to take a moment to discuss a serious topic which is quite important to me. When I was young, one of my parents’ friends was diagnosed with AIDS, and he subsequently died from complications due to it. This imprinted upon me a great — and often irrational – fear of this disease, and overcoming this fear was one of my greatest steps within my journey from prudishness to sex-positivity. I was able to confront this fear with the most powerful weapon there is — information. At a point, it appeared that information relating to HIV was becoming widely dispersed, and that we were turning the corner in the war against this deadly disease. However, recent studies have shown that we are now losing ground in this fight — especially with the youngest generation. I find it very disappointing that a large percent of sexually active young people do not receive regular HIV AIDS testing. Those who are unaware of their HIV status unfortunately continue to unknowingly spread the virus thus putting others at risk.

My rule is very simple — if you are sexually active with multiple partners, then don’t even think about going without regular HIV AIDS testing. My husband and I both get tested quite often, and regular HIV AIDS testing is a strong requirement for all members of our “club”. Some of my friends with whom I’ve shared details of our lifestyle immediately ask whether what we do is safe. I explain that is what is now unsafe are the myriad random hook-ups initiated online and in drunken singles bars where a small percent receive ongoing HIV AIDS testing. In our club, all members know everyone else has recently been tested for HIV as well as other STD’s. My hope is that the rest of the population — especially younger people — begins to take HIV AIDS testing as seriously as we do. Getting a test is easy, and it can often be done for free at a local clinic. If you haven’t been recently tested — please do so today — if only as a favor to me!

Tested and clean,