Local STD Testing Is Just Minutes Away

Hi, it’s Barbie with another serious post.  I’ve previously stressed the importance of HIV AIDS testing, and I wanted to be sure to clarify that I believe that testing for various STD’s can be just as important as HIV AIDS testing.  A variety of STD’s including Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes and Chlamydia are now on the rise.  This is partially due to the failure of many sexually active people to get regular STD testing.  Some falsely believe that there is no place near them to get a test, but you would be surprised at how many local STD testing facilities are around you no matter how small your town is.  Some STD’s can lead to other serious conditions — including cancer.  This makes it paramount that everyone with multiple partners get tested — regularly.  Recent studies have shown that many among us — especially young people — do not get tested.  In this arena, ignorance is not bliss.  Without reliable information about your STD status, you are unable to take the necessary precautions to avoid spreading the disease to others.

Local STD testing is both convenient and relatively painless.  Many are scared to find out their status and consequently put off getting tested.  This is not a wise strategy.  Some STD’s can be insidious and develop without symptoms.  By the time the disease emerges it can already have caused adverse effects and possibly lead to other conditions.  Catching and treating STD’s is important for your own health — and knowing your STD status is equally important for your partner’s health.  Searching online for local STD testing is very easy — if you haven’t had a recent STD test get one today for me — please?


The Importance Of HIV AIDS Testing

Hi everyone, I’d like to take a moment to discuss a serious topic which is quite important to me. When I was young, one of my parents’ friends was diagnosed with AIDS, and he subsequently died from complications due to it. This imprinted upon me a great — and often irrational – fear of this disease, and overcoming this fear was one of my greatest steps within my journey from prudishness to sex-positivity. I was able to confront this fear with the most powerful weapon there is — information. At a point, it appeared that information relating to HIV was becoming widely dispersed, and that we were turning the corner in the war against this deadly disease. However, recent studies have shown that we are now losing ground in this fight — especially with the youngest generation. I find it very disappointing that a large percent of sexually active young people do not receive regular HIV AIDS testing. Those who are unaware of their HIV status unfortunately continue to unknowingly spread the virus thus putting others at risk.

My rule is very simple — if you are sexually active with multiple partners, then don’t even think about going without regular HIV AIDS testing. My husband and I both get tested quite often, and regular HIV AIDS testing is a strong requirement for all members of our “club”. Some of my friends with whom I’ve shared details of our lifestyle immediately ask whether what we do is safe. I explain that is what is now unsafe are the myriad random hook-ups initiated online and in drunken singles bars where a small percent receive ongoing HIV AIDS testing. In our club, all members know everyone else has recently been tested for HIV as well as other STD’s. My hope is that the rest of the population — especially younger people — begins to take HIV AIDS testing as seriously as we do. Getting a test is easy, and it can often be done for free at a local clinic. If you haven’t been recently tested — please do so today — if only as a favor to me!

Tested and clean,


My Appeal For Safe Sex

Hi, I’m Barbie!

In many respects, I’m a typical Midwest (I’d prefer not to say exactly which city) stay-at-home soccer mom. I’m a petite and perky blonde, and although I detest the term, I have heard the acronym MILF thrown in my direction on several instances. Quite a few of my friends have commented how much I remind them of the woman in the above video, so I attached it to give you some point of reference. I will not be posting pictures of myself on this blog, nor on the other blog (www.bizarresex.com) my husband and I are taking over.

Although we are a typical couple in many respects, our newfound hobby/side business differentiates us from the vast majority of our neighbors. Tom and I have an open relationship and have been members of a local swingers club for almost 4 years. The couple who ran this club recently moved — and we decided to take it over. Hence, we must be very discrete about any personal details posted on our blogs. We initially decided against blogging about sex and our personal exploits, but we changed our minds when a close friend convinced us that our “heartland” sex-positive message might help put a dent in the often repressive Puritanical facets of American society. Whereas bizarresex.com will chronicle our exploits now managing “the club”, this safersex blog is a more serious endeavor seeking to educate and convey the importance of keeping sex safe.

As illustrated in the above amusing video, safe sex doesn’t equate to boring sex. Condom use can be creatively incorporated into your foreplay, and in today’s world there is really no excuse for those with multiple partners not to use a condom. We have also adopted a motto of “tested and clean” within our club, and I can’t stress enough the importance of regular testing for those in the scene — as well as all everyone else who is sexually active. Safersex.org will endeavor to provide information and advice in support of hot, but safe, sexual practices. Speaking of which, Tom is now beckoning me away from my laptop — don’t worry, we’ll be safe, I promise!