Are You Using A Safe Contraceptive?

Hi, I’m Barbie — your host here at Safersex.  The most important facet of safe sex entails blocking the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).  Several methods serve to both protect against STD’s as well as act as a contraceptive.  A salient example within this class is the condom.  Conversely, some contraceptive methods do nothing when it comes to protection against STD’s — an example here is the pill.  Yet other forms of prevention against STD’s have nothing to do with avoiding pregnancy — dental dams are a good example here.  The main point is that not all contraceptives serve to protect you against STD’s.  Furthermore, various contraceptives have different risks associated with them.  This begs the question if you are using a safe contraceptive.

Many couples use condoms as their preferred safe contraceptive, and after billions of uses condoms have proven to be both an effective and safe contraceptive.  The downside to condoms is that many men feel that they serve to diminish the sexual experience.  A plethora of women rely upon birth control pills to prevent pregnancy.  As indicated, the pill provides no protection whatsoever from the spread of STD’s.  Although the pill is considered to be generally safe, many experience various side effects — and in conjunction with other behaviors (including smoking) the pill can present additional risks.

A new class of vaginal ring contraceptives have been introduced, and initial clinical studies have shown them to be a safe contraceptive, but some claim otherwise.  Many women are waiting until more data is available before trying these new options which include the popular NuvaRing.  Some women prefer to use a diaphragm, and they have proven safe although some studies have shown they are only 85% effective.  A positive point about diaphragms is that they do provided a limited degree of protection against transmission of the HIV virus.

The most important thing to remember is that even if you are on the pill, you still need to take other precautions to ensure safe sex.  A safe contraceptive does not translate to safety from STD’s.  If any of you have other questions, feel free to ask.

Keeping safe as always,


Everything You Wanted To Know About Wholesale Condoms

Hi all, just wanted to make a quick post about wholesale condoms. Condoms aren’t ordinarily a focus of event planning, but when hosting relatively large “lifestyle” events it becomes necessary to seek out the best price in order not to blow the entire budget. Safety is the main priority at our club’s events, and a key obvious requisite element to facilitate safe sex is an abundance of condoms. So where does one look when needing to order wholesale volumes of condoms? Unless you’ve formerly managed a drugstore or convenience store, you’re probably like me and didn’t have a clue. However, with the power of the Internet today, all information is now at one’s fingertips. My first exploration led me to where there were several attractively priced bulk condom packages offered by several wholesalers. However, upon further search I stumbled upon several better solutions.

One site that caught my eye was the aptly named This site featured several quality brands at just under a 20 cent per condom price point. I was about to place an order on this site, but decided to search further. I finally ended up on Condomman, and I was very impressed at their range of selection. I also felt confident that I would receive quality product seeing my due diligence showed they supply a large list of hospitals, clinics and educational institutions. I purchased 250 Durex Extra Sensitive, 100 Okamoto Beyond Seven, and 300 Trojan Naturalambs. The total was quite reasonable, and they shipped right away arriving in two days. I must give a shout out to Condomman who for us is now the king of wholesale condoms.

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Safersex – Spreading The Word About Safe Sex

Hi everyone,

My husband and I have had quite an exciting week. We have officially taken over management of the “club” I mentioned in my first post on Membership in the club currently sits at 74 couples, and we are growing fast. We obviously are unable to have a fixed location for our parties, and Tom and I are finding out just how hard planning club events can be. Richard and Jenny (not their real names), the founding members of our club who just moved out of town, always prided themselves on hosting soirees that would be enjoyable even without the sex. The number of moving pieces that goes into organizing an event attended by 100 people can be quite daunting. From the locale to the drinks, food and entertainment — all of these typical party planning facets come into play with the additional burden of the necessity of discretion.

So this past weekend was our first official event as hosts — and it went off beautifully. We used a local venue which must remain unnamed — and outfitted it with rooms themed to suit all proclivities within the sexual spectrum. The club only has a few simple rules. Respect must be shown to all other members at all times. Couples only. Men will not initiate contact with women without an explicit invitation. And, most importantly, safety is the highest priority. I am writing here on Safersex to provide an example of how even the most sex-positive and open of couples can still adhere to the dictates of safe sex.

To all fellow club members — it was a pleasure (literally and figuratively) to host our first event, and we look forward to our next get together on August 14th. As Tom and I promised, we will be very careful to avoid disclosing any personal details on here or on I’ll post an update on here soon sharing some of the more entertaining tidbits to emerge from last Saturday’s fun.

Keep it fun and safe,